How Bing Works

Bing is purpose built to connect you with your customers. It’s powerful, flexible, fast and really easy to use.


Prepare your documents using your existing software then select Bing’s Easypost® Printer.


Review the documents in our Easypost® Mailroom application.

You can view the list of recipients and their addresses, the total cost of the mailing and a host of other options.


Ready to send? Simply click SUBMIT and your communication will be securely uploaded to Bing for fast distribution worldwide, via postal mail, email, SMS or fax.

Bing will take care of the rest

We will print, fold and post your letters, generate and send your email and SMS.

You can track your mailing status through Bing’s secure online customer portal.


Intelligent Communication


Hybrid Mail Solution

  • Bing allows you to send as few as one, or many thousands of letters at a time.
  • Bing's patented technology makes it easy to connect to Bing from within your existing software without making changes.
  • Bing uses fast on-demand processing ensuring rapid mail production without minimum job size restrictions.
  • Bing's own production centres are highly automated and use advanced technology for complete mail integrity.
  • Bing produces your postal mail in the Bing facility nearest the letter destination to eliminate interstate delays.

Bing also allows you to send email, SMS, BPAY View, fax and voice messages. View our product features to learn how you can use Bing to achieve a paperless workplace.

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