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Who We Are

Born in 2001 by a credit manager frustrated with the lack of solutions for low to medium volume postal mail, Bing has grown into a unique communications service catering to large and small businesses alike.

Bing takes a different approach to that of a traditional mail house. Using clever technology, Bing provides a competitive, on-demand, postal mail solution for any volume of mail - as few as one, to tens of thousands of letters at a time, sent whenever you choose.

Combining its unique postal mail service with email, SMS and even fax, Bing offers a complete communications solution with advanced failover and multi-channel document delivery mechanisms. Customer service sets Bing apart with its passionate, knowledgeable and friendly team.

Proudly Australian owned, Bing operates its own production centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Bing also owns and runs its own data centres, employs in-house IT and development personnel and is committed to keeping control of all its critical infrastructure.

All of Bing's 30+ employees share the vision of providing the best in responsive communications technology in a fast changing world.