Technical Overview

Bing's products are continually evolving.

If there's a feature you're looking for that isn't listed below, we can probably do it. Just ask!

Bing offers a range of methodologies to capture and process your documents. Our flagship EasyPost Mailroom provides a fully featured virtual mailroom suited to simple single PC installations through to complex enterprise-wide deployments. The Easypost Mailroom includes a Windows Printer Driver that can capture documents from almost any existing Windows application. Multiple Mailroom environments can use a centralised upload spooler. Alternatively, our APIs provide full programmatic interfaces to our processing, production and querying environment for ultimate control.

All of Bing's submission methods support automatic postal routing, fax, email with attached documents, email and sms with linked documents, BPAY View, automatic failover from email or sms to postal delivery where required. Comprehensive and customisable reporting is available across our product range.

Bing accepts print-ready documents with all our submission methods. Documents created using Microsoft Word, mailmerge or existing accounting software can be printed directly to EasyPost Mailroom or EasyPost Lite. Alternatively Bing can construct documents from your data.

Documents can be submitted to Bing via EasyPost Mailroom, EasyPost Lite, Customer Web Portal, or programmatically using the EasyPost API.

EasyPost Mailroom

EasyPost Mailroom

The EasyPost Mailroom is our fully featured Windows virtual Mailroom application.

EasyPost Lite

EasyPost Lite

EasyPost Lite is a multi-platform lightweight application for submitting your documents to Bing. Available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Web Upload

Web Upload

Ideal for simpler, ad-hoc communications, fully featured if you need it.



Integrate your applications and workflow with the EasyPost API, offering full programmatic control over submission, letter and production options.


Submission Method

EasyPost Mailroom
EasyPost Mailroom
EasyPost Lite
EasyPost Lite
Web Upload
Web Upload
Operating System Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Mac OS X Unix / Linux Microsoft Windows Mac OS X Unix / Linux Microsoft Windows Mac OS X Unix / Linux
Submit Print-Ready Documents Tick Tick Tick Tick
Support for Document Construction/Mailmerge   Tick Tick Tick
Submit Using Spreadsheets or CSV   Tick Tick Tick
Submit Using Structured Data (JSON or XML)   Tick Tick Tick
Submit via EasyPost Printer Tick Tick    
Hot Drop PDF Documents   Tick Tick  
BPAY View Integration Tick Tick Tick Tick
Preview Mail Before Sending Tick Tick Tick  
Enterprise Scalability Tick Tick   Tick
Upload Zip Files   Tick Tick Tick
Automatic Address Detection Tick Tick Tick Tick
Application Integration Tick Tick   Tick
Local Document Archive Tick      
Bing Online Document Archive Tick Tick Tick Tick
Status Notifications TickTick Tick Tick
Secure HTTPS Communication Tick Tick Tick Tick

Product Features

No minimum quantity
Print-ready documents using your existing templates and layouts
Send Postal, Email, SMS, BPAY View and Fax from a single document batch
Automatic failover from Email or SMS to Postal
Send a single document simultaneously via Post, Email SMS, BPAY View and Fax
Support for a wide range of document types
Automatic address and data extraction
Archival for up to 7 years
Comprehensive reporting and searching using our Customer Portal
Automatic grouping of letters to the same address in a single envelope
Department (cost centre) and Purchase Order support
Predefined profiles for different production options
Automatic email acknowledgement of received mailings
Schedule automated reminders via email, sms and post


Templates for initial body part
Variable data in sender, subject, body and attachment names
HTML body
Documents can be attached as PDF or hyperlinked
Hyperlinks and HTML resources can be tracked and used for conditonal failover (e.g. email not opened, document not downloaded)
Grouped email can have multiple attachments (zipped)
Non-delivery failover to Postal or SMS with reporting
DKIM and SPF support available


BPAY View registration management
Automatic BPAY View registration retrieval
The same document can be used to send via BPAY View, postal mail, email, SMS and fax
Customer BPAY View registration number can be mapped from any identifying data within a document


No fixed templates
Automatic Letter Grouping
Letter Sizes: DLX, C4 and Parcels
Multiple Colour Models
Simplex / Duplex
Portrait, Landscape, Mixed
Same-day lodgement
Automatic address verification and barcoding
C4 staple finish
Duplicate detection
Returned Mail Service With Reporting
Regular, Priority & Registered Post AusPost Services
Next Day NZ Service
Full International Service
Unaddressed Postal Mail Service
Automatic Page Numbering
Letterhead Application: Underlay or Overlay, Multi-page
Automatic Attachments
Static Page Application (e.g. Terms and Conditions)

SMS and Simple Email

Predefined templates
Flexible CSV data
Variable data from CSV interpolated into messages
Mixed SMS and simple email from same template
Hyperlink to referenced PDF documents
Replies to Bing (accessed via report) or nominated phone
Optional dedicated sending number
Non-delivery or conditional failover to Postal or Email