Smart. Simple. Secure.

Our service is packed with features and has been fine tuned over years of development.

Easy to Set Up

Bing integrates seamlessly with your existing technology platforms, regardless of whether you’re on a PC or Mac. It's fully scalable - from a single PC installation to enterprise-wide deployments.

Easy to Use

Using Bing is easy and intuitive. We also offer extensive training and support to help you get the most out of Bing's advanced capabilities.

No Minimum Job Size

Bing allows you to send as few as one, or thousands of letters at a time.

No Setup Costs

Bing is a pay-as-you-go service, which includes our software, integration support and all user training. They are no setup costs - you only pay for what you send.


Bing offers end-to-end encryption for your files for ultimate peace of mind. We work with banks and government departments who require the very best security.

Developer APIs

We have extensive Developer tools for advanced integration with your existing systems.

Environmentally Friendly

Our electronic distribution network to the nearest capital city means a more environmentally friendly solution for your postal mail.

Outstanding Customer Support

Bing comes with dazzling customer service from right here in Australia, plus full training and support to ensure you realise the maximum benefits of the software.

Penny Bing


For a complete list of features please visit our Technical Overview page.

Your complete communication solution

Bing is capable of much more than postal mail. Our service includes SMS, Email, Postcards, Voice Messages and even Fax. Our clever software is able to use multiple sending channels for the same document. If you provide a list of recipients with a mix of postal addresses, fax numbers, mobile numbers and email, Bing will choose the delivery channel based on the address supplied. You can also select document failover so that if, for example, the email message fails to reach its recipient the mailing will be sent via postal mail or SMS instead. Sounds complicated? Bing makes it easy!

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Postal Mail

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Why you should choose Bing

Fixed price per letter No license fees No minimum job size Easy to self-install
Installs as a printer driver Suits existing letter layout No template configuration Free of data merging
Preview before sending Archive all sent items Individual letter tracking Same day processing
National production network State based mail production End-to-end encryption Automatic DPID Barcoding